Monday, September 1, 2014

This Week In Kindergarten

Dear Kindergarten Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!  I am excited to have our whole class together for our first full day tomorrow!  We will begin to work toward following our full day schedule but it will take several weeks to get to that point.  This week we will focus on lots of "getting to know you" activities so that students are able to begin to form positive friendships with one another.  Please read through the following information carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

Language Arts:
This week in LA we will do a few Back to School activities with the stories Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and The Kissing Hand.  We will also be introduced to our first SuperKid from our new Language Arts curriculum, Cass.  This week students will be introduced to their student books and will begin to learn all about the letter Cc.

This week in math we will do some exploration with manipulatives that we will use throughout the year.  We will begin Topic 1 which will focus on the numbers 1-5.  Many students come into Kindergarten with a great foundation of numbers, especially 1-10.  I use the first 2-3 topics to introduce the math routines we will use throughout the year.  We will also begin to learn our calendar routine and practice identifying and creating patterns.

This week in religion we will begin to learn and practice the Our Father prayer.  We will also begin to explore the story of God's creation of the world in our first religion unit, God Creates the World.  In addition, we will begin to focus on our first pillar of character, responsibility.

Notes & Announcements:
  • Class Directory & Dismissal Chart
    • Over the weekend I worked to compile the information I have received so far for the Class Directory and Dismissal Chart.  Forms from the Teacher Meet & Greet are due tomorrow.  Once I have received forms from all families I will send out a draft for families to look over and make sure I have typed in everything correctly.  I will then make any corrections/addition and send out a final copy for you to have throughout the year.  Over the course of the year if any of your information changes please let me know and I will update our forms.  
  • First Week Dismissal
    • Beginning tomorrow, I will follow the information provided on the Arrival/Dismissal form.  If your child will not be following the information you provided on that form (especially tomorrow) please let me know asap via e-mail, note in your child's white folder or a phone call to the school office.  
  • Lunch Volunteers
    • I have received several e-mail regarding volunteering for lunch this week.  I would like to take this week to introduce and practice our lunch routines before we begin having volunteers come in.  We should be all set to have volunteers begin coming in on Monday, September 8th. 
    • I have not received room parent information from the school office.  As soon as that occurs I will let everyone know and they can begin working on setting up a lunch volunteer calendar for the class.
    • Thank you in advance for your understanding and we are looking forward to having volunteers with us beginning next week.  Please see the Friday Flyer for lunch volunteer training times.  All lunch volunteers much have their STAND certification cards.  
  • Back to School Night
    • Please mark your calendars for our September 9th Back to School Night (HSA Meeting).  The primary team is planning to have brief presentations regarding how you can work to reinforce skills at home through homework.  
If you have any questions regarding the above information please let me know.  Have a wonderful week!!
Happy Playing, Laughing & Learning!
Mrs. Weatherholtz

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another Great Day In K!!

Dear Wednesday-Friday Day Families -

Our second group had just as great of a day as the first group!!  We had time to explore parts of the school, the playground and the classroom - everyone did an awesome job moving around the school!  Although it was super hot we had lot of fun on the playground!!

Looking forward to having the whole group together on Tuesday!
Happy Playing, Laughing & Learning!
Mrs. Weatherholtz

Mark Your Calendars

Mark Your Calendars

Wednesday, November 5th - Kindergarten Fall Field Trip to Sharp's Farm 
  • We will leave school promptly at 9:15 to begin our farm tour at 10:00.  We will pack lunch for the farm and leave to return to school around 1:00.  We should return to school no later than 2:00.  
  • We can take as many chaperones as are available to attend.  All chaperones will travel with the class on the bus.  Younger siblings are not permitted.  You MUST be STAND certified to attend class field trips.  
  • Please be on the look out for additional and more specific information as we get closer to the trip date.
Friday, June 5th - Kindergarten End of the Year Picnic
  • We will celebrate our last day of Kindergarten at Patapsco State Park with a short program and lunch picnic.
  •  Kindergarten students WILL NOT come to school on this day.  
  • Arrival to the picnic will begin at 10:00 and the program/lunch will begin at 11:00 - there will be lots of time to free play at the Tire Park!!
  • Please keep an eye on your child's folder as we move toward the end of the year for more specific information about our celebration picnic. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Great First Day - Group 1

Dear Tuesday-First Day Families,

We had a wonderful day in K!!  All the children came in ready and excited to start their new adventure!  I was so excited to see that everyone was willing and excited to share ideas and participate in all the activities that were planned!  Enjoy your extra long weekend and I look forward to seeing you back a week from today! 

Happy Playing, Laughing & Learning!
Mrs. Weatherholtz

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Welcome to Kindergarten

Dear 2014-2015 Kindergarten Families,

Welcome to our class blog!  Over the course of the year I'll be using the blog as a digital newsletter to keep families informed of what is going on in the classroom each week.  Please add our blog to your favorites list and check it weekly for updates.  I look forward to seeing returning families and meeting new families at our Teacher Meet & Greet on Monday, August 25th.

Have a wonderful week!
Happy Playing, Laughing & Learning!
Mrs. Weatherholtz